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Information about Lykketoppen

We are proud to present our first wooden hut, Lykketoppen.

Lykketoppen is built close to a small water called Kerstetjønna in Korsberget in Trysil, about 200 kilometers north of Oslo, and only 10 minutes drive from the center at Trysil. The cabin is winter insulated, and we focus on making our guests feel welcome and get a unique experience when they visit us.

The cabin is 400 meters from a car park, and it is easy to go there on a well-built path. The happiness peak is winter insulated, it has wood burning oven, solar cell installations, and gas stove / refrigerator - so here one can really enjoy themselves and find peace!

Lykketoppen has its own kitchen with all the equipment you need. It also has a laundry room with toilette. Water for personal care and dishwashing can be found in the cabin, but drinking water must be brought by the guest. There is one bedroom with a double bed and six good mattresses on the loft - a total of 8 beds. In the living room you sit comfortably and well whether you choose the sofa or the chairs.

On the loft we have skylights, so you can lie and study the northern lights, or look at the amazing starry sky if the weather condition allows it.

It should be easy to be a guest with us, - we endeavor to arrange your stay for you, so you only need to bring your clothes, food and drinks and any bedding.

Duvets and pillows are in the cabin. You can also rent bed linen if desired.

Lykketoppen has floor level about 8 meters above the ground, so here you really get the feeling of being among the tree tops!

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+47 971 46 756
Korsberget, 2420 Trysil

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